Month: March 2022

31 Mar 2022

Choosing the Best Social Media Channels for Growth

Welcome to Part 2 of Visaggio & Co.’s series on social media best practices! If you missed Part 1, or would like a refresher, click here.   Once you have a short list of social media platforms that could be a good fit for your business, it is time to start thinking about growth over time. […]

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10 Mar 2022

Which Social Media Channels Are the Best Fit for Your Organization

An important first step toward establishing your brand on social media is deciding which social media platforms are best for your organization. While it might seem intuitive to be on every platform possible in order to have the widest reach, this is not simple nor typically the best move for every brand. It is important […]

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03 Mar 2022
Cookie on a web browser screen

Does Your Website Need Cookie Pop-ups?

No doubt you’ve visited a new website only to be confronted with a pop-up that says something like: “We use cookies to improve user experience and analyze website traffic. By clicking ‘Accept,’ you agree to our website’s cookie use as described in our Cookie Policy.”   Does your website need cookie pop-ups? Cookies can be helpful, […]

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