07 Oct 2019

Finding Your Brand’s Identity

Branding, colors, fonts, design, taglines: what does all of this mean? Marketers often say you need all of these elements. But why? Will this marketing medley magically bring you leads upon leads and thus more profit? Or is it all just a bunch of mumbo jumbo that doesn’t lead anywhere?

At Visaggio & Co. we say that your brand is your identity. It is the heart of who you are, what you stand for, and what you offer to your clients. In other words, you are nothing without your brand. So, if you build your brand without strategy, you risk not connecting with potential clients.


Follow these 3 steps to build a brand identity people will connect with:

  1. Pretend your brand or business is a person. Who are they? If you could have a conversation with them, how would they speak, what would their tone be, what would they be interested in? This will help you find your branding voice and most likely lead you to your most valuable audience. Is your brand young, or more mature, relaxed and laid back or outgoing and busy? Your products and services reflect a certain type of client, and this client should be a reflection of your branding voice.


  1. Once you have identified your voice, you need to make this blend aesthetically with your logo, fonts and colors. Your brand logo is the avatar of your company. When you see a half-eaten apple glowing on a store window, you are, without any effort, imagining Mac computers and iPhones. In order to find the right fit for your logo, you have to imagine how you want the client to feel when they see it. If you own a bath bomb company and your branding voice is subtle and sweet, then your colors and logos should reflect those emotions. Perhaps you would have an image of a bath tub with bubbles or a rubber ducky with a simple design and soft colors.


  1. Now you have your branding voice, logo, fonts and colors as a guideline, what do you do with it? Now you implement! Put these tools together and make yourself visible in the digital world. The latest Digital 2019 report, from Hootsuite and We Are Social, shows we’re spending on average 6 hours and 42 minutes online each day, with half of that total being on mobile devices. That’s 42% of our waking hours on the internet! So, if you aren’t promoting your business online, your business is nonexistent. Your main “must-haves” for an online presence include a versatile, responsive website and social media channels that reflect your clients’ digital hangouts.


Branding is all about emotions. When you see the Apple logo, you instantly think “Apple” without seeing any words or criteria associated with it. You feel the joy of purchasing that new iPhone, or opening your brand new Macbook. Apple no longer has to invent their marketing, but simply respond to the customers desires and needs of the marketplace all because they have captured your emotions.


Once you have your branding foundation you can begin to grow and build your digital marketing and brand identity by responding to the customers’ needs and desires. With the right planning and strategy, you too can capture your clients’ emotions and become the digital marketing guru you were meant to be!


Happy branding!


Visaggio and Co. is a full service marketing, advertising, web development and digital marketing agency. We take the time to listen, and tell stories that drive people to act. If you are in need of branding assistance or digital marketing, get in touch today!




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