21 Oct 2020

Working Smarter Not Harder for Your Nonprofit

In the world of marketing, the Google Ads platform is a tool that can be incredibly helpful for businesses. As a nonprofit, Google can be used to your advantage even more. In this Quick Guide to Google Ads & Google for Nonprofits, we will be walking you through what it is, how to apply, and why you should be signing up today.


What is the Google for Nonprofits Grant?

The Google for Nonprofits Grant awards eligible nonprofits $10,000 every month to use towards text-based ads. Nonprofits also get access to tools that can be used to build effective campaigns that can display on Google Search when people look for information related to your nonprofit. From recruiting volunteers to sharing your story, Google Ads allows your nonprofit to flourish in success.


How do I apply?

A representative from the organization will need to fill out a Google for Nonprofits application. This quick application will require basic organization information such as location, Employer Identification Number (EIN), contact information, and size of the organization.

After the basic information has been added to the application, Google will verify your organization through TechSoup, a Third-Party Verifier. We recommend creating a TechSoup account before you apply for the Google for Nonprofits Grant.

Once the application has been started, the contact email that was provided will receive a notice from Google with access to their Nonprofit Dashboard. This dashboard provides the applicant with progress updates on the status of their application.


Why should I apply for this grant?

  • $10,000 budget per month¬†to use towards advertising on Google.
  • Resources for creating successful campaigns, such as keyword planning, professional account managers to walk you through any questions you may have, and detailed reports for your campaign’s activity.
  • Free access to G Suite for Nonprofits – customized emails for your domain, Google Drive services, and more.
  • Did we mention $10,000 per month?


Although we admire the do-it-yourself type of person, our team at Visaggio & Co. is here to help you walk through the process of applying for grants like Google for Nonprofits.  Contact us today at web@visaggio.co to learn how we can partner together.




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