01 Oct 2020

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Web Design for City Flourish

Fresh design alert! Working with the staff at City Flourish was such a blast. This organization is doing amazing things to make a difference and it was a great experience to give their site a facelift to propel them to continue to grow and serve organizations.

City Flourish exists to help organizations expand and measure social impact through rigorous statistical analysis and advanced data and technical solutions.

Want to learn more? Check out their NEW site!

Client Spotlight:

YMCA Happehatchee Center

Who doesn’t love a retreat?

We loved designing a fun logo for the Bonita Springs YMCA’s Happehatchee Center!

The YMCA Happehatchee Center offers summer camp programs for youth, environmental education, corporate retreats, yoga and other wellness programs for adults and kayaking adventures. Go explore its amazing 5 acre nature facility.

We wanted the logo to reflect the fun and upbeat nature of the YMCA, while showcasing the beautiful nature that the camp has to offer.

Check out their website and plan your retreat today!

Join us around the table with Thomas Tuggle, Lt. Colonel.

It was an amazing opportunity to sit down speak with Thomas Tuggle, Lt. Colonel with the Mississippi Highway Patrol, about his experience as the Director of the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers’ Training Academy, the largest law enforcement training facility in the state.

In this fifth episode, Lt. Colonel Tuggle shares that the key to success is losing early in life, causing one to greet achievements with dignity and humbleness.


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