09 Jun 2020

Season 1 ep. 4 | The Patina Podcast | David Weber Shares Stories from Working at Waffle House to Leading in LaBelle

An uncommon start to this show, we dove right into the conversation with David Weber on this the fourth episode of season one on the Patina Podcast. Weber serves as the director of the Riverside Camp and Retreat Center in LaBelle, FL. David shares stories about how he leads in life by first gaining and keeping trust. He inspires a passion in others to serve their community in a variety of ways. David talks about how he has learned through what he calls the constant change in his life to recognize challenges as opportunities that he can meet through innovation and team-building. He focuses on bringing out the best in others.

Weber has a warm, kind, and welcoming personality that exudes happiness and joy for life. But, he also speaks with a depth of wisdom that comes from having been molded through the fires and trials of life. He shares leadership lessons from a place of sincere humility, love and compassion for others – lessons we all can take to heart during this time of fear over health-related illnesses, COVID-19, riots, looting, and a general societal lack of listening.

David shares how coming through “patina moments” growing up – by being bullied – helped form him into the caring and committed leader he has become leading, teaching, and serving the amazing residents and visitors of LaBelle. If you are looking to find leadership lessons from someone you might not expect it from at first, tune in today. And, check out the fruits of his labor of leadership at the Riverside Camp and Retreat Center by visiting www.flriverside.org.

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