Before an organization can grow, it must have a core identity ready to be shared with your target market. Visaggio & Co. focuses on expanding and growing organizations in Southwest Florida through a three stage process: 1. Strategy, 2. Identity, and 3. Action. We help organizations identify and define who they are and what makes them unique. We unleash what makes you unique and prepare you to share it with everyone. Our company saves you the pain and heartache of trying to figure it all out alone. Contact us today to get started to make a difference!

What is Strategic Planning? Steps to Design a Strategic Plan

Strategic planning for nonprofits has a lot in common with playing with Lego’s®. Like in building with Lego’s, all the building blocks of strategic planning are equally important and are used to build wonderful creations. In the nonprofit business there are a lot of unorganized parties with good intentions that can be compared to a handful of colorful Lego® bricks on the floor. When those pieces come together through an organized system following a purpose they can construct impactful and long-lasting programs. […]

How Much Does a Grant Writer Cost?

This is the most frequently asked question in the grant writing profession: how much does a grant writer or grant writing firm charge? The reason it comes up so often is because grant writing is so critical for future growth and development. […]