Visaggio & Co. develops strategic plans that focus on nonprofit and business development. We focus on bringing your organization together around shared goals that build growing momentum. Our strategic planning helps you articulate your vision, mission, goals and objectives and prepares the road map for success. We track results for clients through cloud based applications and technology that can be shared effortlessly. Don’t risk it. Contact us today and let us help you plan to achieve your goals. “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” – Winston Churchill


Before an organization can grow, it must have a core identity ready to be shared with your target market. Visaggio & Co. focuses on expanding and growing organizations in Southwest Florida through a three stage process: 1. Strategy, 2. Identity, and 3. Action. We help organizations identify and define who they are and what makes them unique. We unleash what makes you unique and prepare you to share it with everyone. Our company saves you the pain and heartache of trying to figure it all out alone. Contact us today to get started to make a difference!

Grant Writing Process

Grant Writing For Governmental Entities

Visaggio & Co. has extensive experience in public administration. For the government agency, Notifications of Funds Available (NOFA) are advertised at different times of the year. Sometimes these NOFA’s pile up, and you can’t find the time to go after funding opportunities even though they may be a great fit. Our government clients include cities and counties, independent and dependent special districts, and police, fire, and emergency management agencies. Writing grant proposals for these entities requires extreme attention to detail and articulate writing skills. We enjoy making sure that everything is in order and gets completed so that you can focus your attention on what NEEDS to be done! […]

How Much Does a Grant Writer Cost?

This is the most frequently asked question in the grant writing profession: how much does a grant writer or grant writing firm charge? The reason it comes up so often is because grant writing is so critical for future growth and development. […]